(2024). TuDoor Attack: Systematically Exploring and Exploiting Logic Vulnerabilities in DNS Response Pre-processing with Malformed Packets. In Oakland S&P ‘24. San Francisco, California, May 20–23, 2024. (Acceptance rate: ??%, Acceptance rate in first cycle: ??%, Acceptance rate in second cycle: ??%, Acceptance rate in third cycle: ??%).

(2024). BreakSPF: How Shared Infrastructures Magnify SPF Vulnerabilities Across the Internet. In NDSS ‘24. San Diego, California, 26 February – 1 March, 2024. (Acceptance rate: ??%, Acceptance rate in summer: 41/211=19.4%, Acceptance rate in fall: ??%).

(2023). Ghost Domain Reloaded: Vulnerable Links in Domain Name Delegation and Revocation. In NDSS ‘23. San Diego, California, 27 February – 3 March, 2023. (Acceptance rate: 94/581=16.2%, Acceptance rate in summer: 36/183=19.7%, Acceptance rate in fall: 58/398=14.6%).
* Presented in OARC 39.
* Presented in ICANN DNS Symposium 2022.
* Presented in Black Hat Asia 2023.
* Referenced by RFC Draft: Delegation Revalidation by DNS Resolvers.

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(2022). Detecting and Measuring Security Risks of Hosting-Based Dangling Domains. In SIGMETRICS ‘23. Orlando, Florida, June 19-23, 2023. (Acceptance rate: 55/342=16.1%, Acceptance rate in summer: 17/93=18.3%, Acceptance rate in fall: 26/119=21.9%, Acceptance rate in winter: 12/130=9.2%).
* Presented in OARC 40.
* Presented in APAC DNS Forum 2023 by Mr Alban KWAN.

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(2022). HDiff: A Semi-automatic Framework for Discovering Semantic Gap Attack in HTTP Implementations. In DSN 2022.


(2022). Ethics in Security Research: Visions, Reality, and Paths Forward. In EthiCS 2022.


(2022). A Large-scale and Longitudinal Measurement Study of DKIM Deployment. In Usenix Security 2022.


(2020). Talking with Familiar Strangers: An Empirical Study on HTTPS Context Confusion Attacks. In CCS 2020.

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(2020). Measuring Privacy Threats in China-Wide Mobile Networks. In FOCI 2018.

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(2020). An End-to-End, Large-Scale Measurement of DNS-over-Encryption: How Far Have We Come?. In IMC 2019.
* IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP) 2020 Award Winner..

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